I would just like to express my thanks to Mr. John Lovell. Mr. Lovell represented my son and he did a wonderful job. As my son was in jail, Mr. Lovell would visit him and truthfully answer any question that me or my son had. He is a very caring and understanding attorney. He will not tell you what you want to hear, he will be honest with you no matter if its good or bad. I fully recommend Mr. Lovell if your looking for a attorney that can get the job done. He is a very hard worker, and he fought hard for my son. My son got time served after all was done. Thank you, Mr Lovell,

Sincerely, Angela S.  (Acworth, Ga.)

John Lovell is a “highly-skilled criminal defense attorney at the top of his game.” -Chief United States District Judge
(Published opinion available upon request)

I was very thankful to have John Lovell working on my case. He exuded patience, courtesy and empathy for me and my family. John Lovell isn’t like any other lawyer. He personifies justice and compassion for his clients. John does his research, gets to the bottom of it and he shines in court. If that is not enough, he wins . . . the jury returned a verdict of “Not Guilty!” –H.T.

I was charged with a federal drug conspiracy. First, Mr. Lovell was able to get me released on a bond. After I was released, John filed a motion to dismiss the charges. He fought hard and represented me at a hearing. After the hearing, John filed multiple briefs for me. Two federal judges agreed with Mr. Lovell and dismissed the charges against me! I have no criminal conviction record! -D.C.

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